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NEOMI Releases Heartfelt Acoustic Song "New York"

by Laurie Dumais, Stéphanie Richard

Neomi, an independent artist from Montreal with an alternative-pop sound, started the year with a bang by releasing her new single “New York”. Since the beginning of the year, Neomi has been promoting the release on her social media, planting hints and winks throughout her regular posts, which shows her witty and cheeky personality.

While extremely funny online, Neomi shows all her raw feelings of vulnerability in this song with its honest lyrics. “New York” is an introspective ode to being let down, but also to being empowered enough to confront your feelings and move on. The melody is well balanced between her ethereal vocals and the sweet acoustic behind them; it is truly soul soothing.

“New York”, with its melancholic vibe and soft beat, is a very different piece than some of her other singles, that can go from absolute bangers to latin vibes, which demonstrates Neomi’s incredible versatility. Supported by Neomi’s dreamy voice and its haunting atmosphere,“New York” is a song that you will adore within the first seconds.

You can listen to “New York” on all digital streaming platforms, and follow this rising star on her social media platforms!

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