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“Filters”: Behind Versace, Gucci and Louis

by Laurie Dumais, Lian Brault

Montreal rock band Kepher released their debut single, “Filters”, on March 19. The trio harnesses different musical styles and integrates tribal sounds that blend well with the stories they are telling in their lyrics.

Blessed with multiples talents in the group, the 3 members are: Lei, the main singer of the act, who is a Canadian born in the Caribbean island of Trinidad. She headlined the Festival du Monde and the Pride parade in Montreal, Canada. James, born in Windsor, Ontario, who is the sound engineer and sound designer of the group. He worked for big companies such as Cirque du Soleil and the Council of Arts. Last but not least, Hendrigo, who is the guitarist of the band, born in Brazil and soon to be a Canadian. He was a member of a very popular metal band in Brazil and had his own guitar school there where he taught children to play.

As their first single, they went with a banger. “FILTERS” is really defining the band's talent in the rock genre. The catchy melody really supports the intense emotions transmitted through Lei’s amazing vocals. The bridge of the song is even richer in pleasant sounds, with an impressive bass solo, followed by a slow but intense build up of the guitar and vocals, which just keeps you up on your feet for the entire song.

“FILTERS” is a “war cry” about the superficiality of social media, and our modern life in general. It’s easy to get caught up in a game of posting pictures of “happy moments”, but the reality behind these images is sometimes different than it seems. It’s easy to fake perfection, especially on social media; and it has its consequences, for the person posting as much as for the audience. The depression and mental health issues it can cause to anyone witnessing the “perfect life”, or the length someone is willing to go for instant gratification, for likes and shares, is definitely alarming. Lei, Kepher’s vocalist, even says : “The inspiration came after watching a friend of mine do all sorts of things on social media for attention”. Then, she adds: “But in the end, it was also a reflection of me, who wanted the same thing, just in a different way”. The lyrics “Give me your love” that can be heard during the bridge, highlight this false feeling of being accomplished and worshipped by counting the number of likes or comments on a profile picture, or number of retweets.

Kepher succeeded, with their “roadtrip rock” track, “FILTERS”, in voicing a problem that has been around since the last decade: people portraying false perceptions of reality and pretending to be somebody else on social media - a plague on our modern society.

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